You are at a crossroads.

Turn to a Non-Adversarial Divorce Professional. It’s the right direction.

  • Choose A Non-Adversarial Divorce

    You choose Non-Adversarial Divorce to protect you and your children from the experience and consequences of adversarial conflict. You choose one of two non-adversarial models, Collaborative Practice or Mediation to direct outcomes about your children, debt, wealth, house, retirement or whatever you are struggling with. You choose Non-Adversarial divorce because you are as concerned with the journey as you are with the destination.

  • Find A Professional

    Our professionals are trained in the Interdisciplinary Model of Collaborative Divorce and in the Model of Mediated Divorce. The choice you make depends on your needs, style, budget and goals. In both models, our professionals share a commitment to resolving problems using cooperative strategies, rather than adversarial techniques or forums.

  • Start The Divorce Process

    Your next step is to find a Non-Adversarial professional who will answer your questions and guide you through the process. With us, you have an opportunity to ensure your divorce is handled outside of court.

Find AProfessional

Find a trained professional who is committed to helping you achieve a civil, respectful, and humane divorce process.


Non-Adversarial Divorce will help you stay out of court and be in control of the divorce process.