3 Common Parenting Plan Disputes and How They Can Be Resolved

October 10, 2020
by Brendan C. Holt, Esq.

Conflict Resolution after Divorce

for Common Parenting Plan Disputes

While every family is certainly unique, there can be some common themes that occasionally strain even a healthy parenting plan.
Anticipating possible differences of opinion and being open to working through them is the key to healthy co-parenting.
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Brendan C. Holt, Esq. served for 7 years as a neutral, Judicial Branch Family Relations Counselor within the New Haven family court and has also worked in the area of insurance policyholder defense, at times representing large corporations in the mediation of multimillion-dollar, multiparty liability payment scenarios.  He has returned to his family law “roots” and founded his own firm, Holt Law LLC, based in Woodbridge.  Attorney Holt’s new practice is focused primarily on helping families navigate the complicated overlap of emotional and legal issues confronting them both during and after divorce in a less adversarial manner, via mediation, collaborative family law, parenting coordination, and broader dispute resolution pursuits.

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