The Top 10 Reasons to Engage a Divorce Coach

March 7, 2024


10. To have the team that is required to ensure you divorce in a way that best takes care of putting the past to rest and setting up the future you want, for yourself and your family.

9. The coach points out the direction for the best path through the divorce process and into your future.

8. The coach will decrease time spent in off-target conversations or conflict.

7. By understanding your personal style and needs the coach assists the other professionals on the team to work more effectively with you.

6. The coach will maximize your chances of getting free from the past.

5. The coach is highly trained to resolve conflict.

4. The coach identifies and helps you remove barriers to communication, to move through conflict, impasse, breakdowns, and differing points of view, to achieve resolution.

3. This is Collaborative Divorce, an entirely new way to divorce. It is not an improvement on litigation. It is a different process that used a team of professionals with distinct areas of expertise to move through different aspects of the divorce process.

2. Divorce is not only a legal process. It affects whole people, the family, relationships, feelings, finances, and your Self.

1.  This is your ONE and ONLY life!

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