About Divorce Solutions of Connecticut

A Connecticut Non-Profit Association

Divorce Solutions of Connecticut is a nonprofit association devoted to educating the public about a better way to go through a divorce or a family dispute while avoiding the stress and high costs of litigation. Our goal is to empower families with knowledge of how to focus on the future and work toward mutually positive outcomes as they navigate through their difficult transition.

Our Members

Dedicated to the common philosophy of guiding families through a respectful, private, non-adversarial collaborative and mediation process.

Our member professionals have joined efforts to advance public knowledge in the field of Collaborative Divorce and Mediation. Divorce Solutions of Connecticut seeks to serve as a clearinghouse for information about Collaborative and Mediation processes and professionals who employ them.

Members have paid a fee and/or dues to belong to the organization and to list their names within our materials and on our website. Members are not associated with each other in any way, other than through membership in this association. While all professionals listed on this website and in the association’s literature have attained certain certifications and/or training in Collaborative Practice and/or Collaborative Law, and/or Mediation, Divorce Solutions of Connecticut does not endorse or license any professional.

Consumers are encouraged to employ common sense, research and interviews, as appropriate, in selecting Collaborative and Mediation professionals.

Serving all Counties of Connecticut

Divorce Solutions of Connecticut members are all across the state, and are committed to serving the residents of all 8 counties: Fairfield, New Haven, New London, Middlesex, Hartford, Windham, Litchfield, and Tolland counties.