Non-Adversarial Divorce Models

Collaborative Divorce • Mediation

There are legal, emotional and financial aspects to every divorce. If you don’t address each of these, it may well cost you time, money and heartache. Non-adversarial divorce rejects traditional litigation conflict and replaces it with direct solutions and resolutions about your children, debt, wealth, house, retirement or whatever you are struggling with. If you want individuated attention, consider Non-adversarial divorce.

Empowerment, Respect & Dignity

Non-Adversarial Divorce will help you stay out of court and be in control of the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce process is an opportunity. You and your spouse will work with collaboratively trained attorneys who pledge, with you, to ensure that all issues in your divorce are handled outside of court. You have greater control of the outcome and process and access to a team of professionals with expertise in the legal, financial and emotional issues specific to divorce, and your own attorney to support and advise you along the way. This process provides more certainty of achieving a settlement that works for you and your family. Lines of communication are always open. It is civil, respectful and humane.


In the Mediation Process, you work with a neutral and impartial professional who helps identify your specific issues, choices and options. In mediation, you control the process and have access to the other professional resources you need to make thoughtful decisions. Even if there is significant tension between the two of you, Mediation will help you and your spouse communicate more effectively.

I am concerned about...

  • Children

    We know that your children’s needs come first. For some families the issues are complicated, possibly touching on custody, access, financial support, travel, relocation, and your children’s peace of mind and well-being. It is important for your future and your children’s future that divorce does not define them. We can help limit your children’s exposure to conflict and ensure a constructive new chapter.

  • Finances

    For many, this is the most complex issue. How will you support two households? Do you know what it costs you to live month-to-month? Whatever your division of labor for household finances, these questions require thoughtful attention. You need someone who is focused on each of your concerns and will ensure that the outcome is tailored to your needs.

  • House / Living Arrangements

    Does remaining in your home make sense? Should you sell it? Where are you going to live? What can you afford? These answers depend on many factors that need to be fleshed out with knowledgeable professionals who understand the implications of your choices and want to hear what is important to you. There is no one answer for everybody.

  • Retirement

    Whether you’re close to retirement age or it is a distant star on the horizon, this is an important concern, especially if you have not been in the workforce. There are technical requirements, but equally important are your concerns and questions about your and your spouse’s retirement and what happens in divorce.

  • Debt

    You’re not alone. A growing number of families are struggling with debt. Do you have special needs and concerns that need to be addressed? Is the debt marital? Are the bills being managed? Are you drowning or working through it? What’s fair? Your worries need attention.

Non-adversarial divorce is a voluntary and confidential process that allows you and your spouse to retain much of the control over the outcome of your divorce. If you a looking for a divorce approach that considers the legal, financial and emotional needs of your family, consider Collaborative Divorce or Mediation.


Our attorneys are committed to the Collaborative process and have been specifically trained to ensure a positive experience and outcome. The lawyers work with their clients to advise them on all relevant legal matters and draft all required documents.

Divorce Coaches

The Divorce Coach helps clients with feelings associated with their changing relationships and helps clients focus on issues that need to be addressed to continue moving toward a settlement. The Divorce Coach is essential in helping the family learn how to communicate and interact in their new situation.

All of our professionals are trained in the Collaborative Model.  All of our professionals are trained in the Mediation model.  Find out which model is best for you, your spouse and your children.

Child Specialists

The Child Specialist is specifically qualified in working with and understanding children. This professional helps your children to have a voice in the process and communicates their concerns and desires when creating a parenting plan.

Financial Professionals

The Financial Professional consolidates all financial information and prepares financial reports to enable the clients to make sound decisions regarding their separate financial futures. As a neutral party in the process, this professional’s responsibilities can include general financial and tax education, if needed. Our Financial Analysts have completed training in the Collaborative Divorce process.  Their role is crucial as the clients consider their financial security.

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