Louise Zito

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~129 Whitney Avenue

New Haven, CT 06510

~20 Water Street

Guilford, CT 0643

~100 Pearl Street, Suite 1454

Hartford, CT 06103

~1700 Bedford Street, Suite 202

Stamford, CT 06905


Phone: 203.397.6171



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*Founding Member

Louise R. Zito is a collaborative attorney, mediator, trainer and divorce consultant.  She has over 35 years of experience. She is the founder of the Center for Divorce, Mediation and Collaboration (CDMC) and serves as Of Counsel to Dolan Family Law, PLLC.

The breakup of your family is traumatic and life-long. She wants to ensure that you choose the person and the path that is right for you.  She works with experienced dedicated professionals to help you get solutions to your family problems.

Louise is available for consultations, review counsel, referrals, second opinions and impasse resolution. She is accepting a limited number of mediations and collaborative cases.

As “Of Counsel” with Dolan Family Law, she is uniquely positioned to draw upon the expertise of other attorneys dedicated SOLELY to divorce, custody, pre/postnuptial agreements and other family matters as well as her CDMC resources.

Louise is a partner/founder of the CT Family Mediation Training Group, Senior Fellow of Quinnipiac University School of Law’s Center for Dispute Resolution, and Family Court Special Master.