How does the cost of a Collaborative Divorce compare with the cost of a litigated divorce?

April 7, 2020

In the end, the cost of collaborative divorce is usually lower than a litigated divorce because results are produced more efficiently.  There is a better outcome for all and it costs less than traditional divorce litigation.  Always, the value to you and your family far exceeds the cost.

The collaborative divorce process eliminates the wasted time in courts during litigated divorces.  Countless hours and dollars are spent while you wait in court hallways.  You argue about the exchange of information.  You wait for other people’s arguments to end.  You can save on those lawyer bills by taking the collaborative route.

Due to the expertise brought by each collaborative professional, you come to agreements more efficiently.  The Family Specialist works with you both on communication and on parenting matters, if you have children.  A Financial Neutral partners closely with you to gather and organize financial information.  Thus, your attorney can be there to provide counsel that focuses on your interests and the law.

Because of this, you get a coordinated, collaborative approach. There is a high level of attention to your family’s needs.  Your relational, financial, and legal needs are served by the experts in an integrated way.  The collaborative team is always mindful to minimize time spent on the process and still produce results. 

Jennifer L. Champagne, MA, is a licensed professional counselor whose practice is devoted exclusively to the emotional and parenting issues of divorce.


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