Is Collaborative Divorce right for my family?

April 16, 2018

Simply put, as long as both spouses are committed to the well being of their children, full disclosure of information, and moving on to a better situation for the whole family, YES! While you began your marriage with good intentions, you now believe that a divorce is your family’s best option. Divorces can begin with good intentions for the best interests of your children and the future well being of your whole family. Often the traditional approaches do not provide the support to see those goals through. Collaborative Divorce focuses on a productive use of your time and money for a result that will help all family members move ahead with a sense of security and your parental relationships intact, or maybe even improved. It is a process rooted in communication, setting goals, listening and is controlled by you and your spouse. Choosing Collaborative Divorce provides the best opportunity for your children to grow up with the support and cooperation of both parents. The future milestones in your children’s lives such as graduations and weddings can be celebrated by all.

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