What happens if an agreement cannot be reached?

April 16, 2018

The participation agreement signed at the beginning of the Collaborative Process states that if an agreement can not be reached you or your spouse may withdraw at any time. If this happens then both parties would hire new attorneys to litigate the case in court. Not having to “start over” is the motivation to find a resolution in the Collaborative Process. Often times during the Collaborative Process many issues DO get resolved and those can be carried into the litigation process if you do end up in court. The Collaborative Professionals involved in your case will do what they can to assist you in not having this happen. Each professional is trained in helping to resolve every issue. But once you start the Collaborative Process you aren’t stuck in it if it just isn’t working.

Mari C. Mariano, LMFT.  Her goal as a divorce coach is to assist people in developing parenting plans, implementing parenting plans and communicating better for the good of the family. Divorce can be stressful, emotional, and shocking and Mari hopes to be able to work with other professionals and families to help them with a smooth transition.


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