What Is Collaborative Divorce and how does it work?

April 16, 2018

The tone you set for your divorce process will impact the decisions you make for you and your children. All too often, the culture of divorce promotes a battle for the battle’s sake.  If everything is a battle, there will be battle scars.  Collaborative Divorce rejects the battlefield and, instead, invites spouses to sit down, engage in meaningful and rational interest-based decision-making, and keep the needs of the adults and children front and center, so that all family members move ahead with a sense of security. Collaborative Divorce ensures that parties have access to appropriately trained collaborative attorneys, financial professionals, and family-dynamic specialists who work as a team to help adults focus on their needs and parents focus on the needs of their children. The process is at its best when both spouses commit to a mutual understanding of their children’s best interests and full disclosure of finances and material information. Collaborative Divorce is supportive, constructive, individuated and empowering.


Susan Jacobs, Attorney, has practiced law for more than thirty years and has concentrated in Family Law over the past two decades, serving clients throughout the Greater New Haven area. She is a trained Collaborative Law Attorney and a Certified Mediator. Susan is committed to helping divorcing people find sane and reasonable solutions.



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